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Modesto, California
United States


I used to write code for a living. Some of it was cool, most of it (still) works, and a little bit is shamefully in need of refactoring. These days, I'm more likely to be in a meeting or sending email, doing whatever I can to maximize the effectiveness of several teams of engineers.

I'm obsessed with user experience design, user interfaces and beautiful things of any kind. Engineering is a natural fit, but I also find photography to be a fantastic creative outlet. You can see my work at

Currently, I'm a Senior Engineering Manager at Fitbit, building dynamic content platforms within the consumer services cluster.

10 years ago, I co-founded Forge Apps. I've moved from full-time to an advisory role, but you should hire the great team there to build your handcrafted web and iOS apps.

Photo by Kirk van Gorkom

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