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Getting Fit

Kirk van Gorkom

During more than a decade of consulting work, I often wondered what it would be like to work at a product company. There was something seductive about the idea of throwing all my energy and passion into building something for the long term. In October 2013 I finally got the chance to try.

Moving from full-time into an advisory role at Forge Apps, I joined the iOS Engineering team at FitStar. We're building personalized fitness apps to help people live healthier lives. I've seen their transformative effects in my own family, and it energizes me every day to work on apps that are indisputably making the world a better place.

FitStar isn't alone in our mission to help people live healthier lives. This March, we became a part of Fitbit, the company whose hardware and software are responsible for the biggest improvement in my personal health. Fitbit's activity encouragement and weight goal tracking have helped me lose 30 pounds over the past three years. I'm very excited about the future of our teams working together to improve the lives of even more people.

When I started at FitStar my intent was to get back to my roots as an engineer, and it was refreshing to spend last year focused on technical challenges, becoming a better engineer by working with a brilliant team. Recently, I've been asked to take on additional responsibilities as Lead iOS Engineer, and I'm glad to bring many of my non-engineering skills back into action.

It's already been an incredible journey for me at FitStar and Fitbit, and we're just getting started. I can't wait to show you the things we're working on.